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Roly poly bugs are known by a variety of names, including pill bug, sow bug and potato bug. The roly poly bug gets its name from its ability to roll up into a ball if it feels threatened. The bugs have a hard gray or brown shell, called an exoskeleton, seven pairs of legs and two pairs of antennae. Roly-Poly Pill Bugs by Cynthia Sherwood Some people are afraid of bugs such as spiders or beetles. But there is one bug that just about everybody likes—pill bugs. If you ever pick one up, you know why its nickname is “roly-poly.” A pill bug rolls up. Female roly-poly bugs may have one to three broods of young per year. When the eggs are formed, the female places them into a brood pouch where she may carry up to 50 eggs. In approximately two months, the young roly-polies emerge. They look like small roly-poly bugs, and if.

Finding a pill bug in your home can be an important early warning sign of water damage. As they require moisture to survive, spotting an infestation of pill bugs near pipes or portions of wall can be an indication that repairs are needed. Once the source of moisture is gone, the pill bugs will soon follow. 02/09/2019 · Whether trundling along or curled up, the little roly-poly's armored shell may remind you of an armadillo. Scientists must have thought so, too, when they gave this critter its Latin name: Armadillidium vulgare. "Vulgare" means "common" and isn't. The correct term per Wikipedia is ” Wood Louse”, but I grew up calling them Roly Polies or pill bugs. When researching edible insects last year I found out that there are actually many different types and the vast majority of the type at my ranch are sow bugs. They grow larger and do not roll up. Rolly Pollies or Pill bugs are not insects, but crustaceans like shrimp or crabs. They have seven pairs of legs, are hatched from eggs, and require a moist habitat. Their prefered diet is rotting vegetation but will eat tender leaf shoots. Summary: Someone writes that she is having a problem with rolly polly bugs, also known as pill bugs or sow bugs. Her house was treated, but the rolly pollies continue to invade the house. Melissa; Bel Air, Maryland asks: I called an exterminator in December who sprayed inside and outside after seeing rolly-polly bugs crawling up my foundation.

21/04/2019 · How to Care for Pillbugs. Pillbugs are small, round bugs that live in many parts of the country. Due to the fact they're easy to handle, many people enjoy keeping pillbugs as pets. You can find pillbugs outdoors, usually under rocks or in. Question: My side of my house is being infested by “rolly-pollies”. Is there anything you can do to stop them from coming into my house? ANSWER Sowbugs or pillbugs rolly pollys are not actually insects. They are related to crayfish.

The pill bug or some may better know them as the “rollie pollies,” is an occasional home invader. What causes pill bugs to invade homes and what can you do to control or prevent a pill bug invasion? A-Tex Pest Management will share their habits, why they will occasionally invade homes, and what you can do to help prevent or control pill bugs.

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